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Everything I need is on the ground

Signal boost for Carina Initiatives full-time position

But look at me now

Japanese EGMO is published!

Mystery Hunt 2023

A common type-error on the OTIS application

The silver lining

Two updates on the EGMO textbook

Why Evan does not like JavaScript as a first language


Twitch Solves ISL, Season 2

Ending Season 1 of Twitch Solves ISL

Sometimes the best advice is no advice


Book pitch

I reserved a Steam Deck!

A short dissent on USA eligibility

MOP 2021 puzzle hunt

Unnecessarily detailed stories of my Mystery Hunt puzzles

Some puzzle-writing thoughts from an amateur

USEMO Problem Development, Behind the Scenes

USA Special Team Selection Test Series for IMO 2021

On choosing exercises

USEMO sign-ups are open

Circular optimization

Meritocracy is the worst form of admissions except for all the other ones

MOHS hardness scale

Understanding with System 1

MOP should do a better job of supporting its students in not-June

IMO 2019 Aftermath

An opening speech for MOP

Hard and soft techniques

Undergraduate Math 011: a firsT yeaR coursE in geometrY

RMM 2019 pictures and aftermath

Napkin v1.5 (and more)

Story: the morning after Valentine’s Day

Math contest platitudes, v3

Some things Evan is working on for 2019

A few shockingly linear graphs

A trailer for p-adic analysis, second half: Mahler coefficients

A trailer for p-adic analysis, first half: USA TST 2003

New oly handout: Constructing Diagrams

Make training non zero-sum

I switched to point-based problem sets

Revisiting arc midpoints in complex numbers

An apology for HMMT 2016

Lessons from math olympiads

A story of block-ascending permutations

117(d): Please don’t tax PhD tuition waivers

Joyal’s Proof of Cayley’s Tree Formula

Positive Definite Quadratic Forms

Some Thoughts on Olympiad Material Design

On Reading Solutions

Holomorphic Logarithms and Roots

Facts about Lie Groups and Algebras

Combinatorial Nullstellensatz and List Coloring

SysRq on Arch Linux Mac Mini

Algebraic Topology Functors

Notes on Publishing My Textbook

DNSCrypt Setup with PDNSD

A Sketchy Overview of Green-Tao

Formal vs Functional Series (OR: Generating Function Voodoo Magic)

New algebra handouts on my website

Approximating E3-LIN is NP-Hard

Against the “Research vs. Olympiads” Mantra

Vinogradov’s Three-Prime Theorem (with Sammy Luo and Ryan Alweiss)

First drafts of Napkin up!

The Structure Theorem over PID’s

Miller-Rabin (for MIT 18.434)

Things Fourier

___ Students Have to Suffer

Artin Reciprocity

Against Perfect Scores

18.099 Transcript: Bourgain’s Theorem

Shifting PDF’s using gs

18.099 Transcript: Chang’s Theorem

Mechanism Design and Revenue Equivalence

Tannakian Reconstruction

Things SPARC

Stop Paying Me Per Hour

Some Advice for Olympiad Geometry

Rant: Matrices Are Not Arrays of Numbers

Writing Olympiad Geometry Problems

Uniqueness of Solutions for DiffEq’s

Putnam 2015 Aftermath

Models of ZFC


Git Aliases

Constructing the Tangent and Cotangent Space

Some Notes on Valuations

The Mixtilinear Incircle


Linnik’s Theorem for Sato-Tate Laws on CM Elliptic Curves


Proof of Dirichlet’s Theorem on Arithmetic Progressions

Zeros and Primes

von Mangoldt and Zeta

On Problem Sets

Cauchy’s Functional Equation and Zorn’s Lemma


Teaching A* USAMO Camp

Representation Theory, Part 4: The Finite Regular Representation

Represenation Theory, Part 3: Products of Representations

Representation Theory, Part 2: Schur’s Lemma

Representation Theory, Part 1: Irreducibles and Maschke’s Theorem

Three Properties of Isogonal Conjugates

Set Theory, Part 2: Constructing the Ordinals

Set Theory, Part 1: An Intro to ZFC

Why do roots come in conjugate pairs?

Arch Linux on a Mac Mini

What leads to success at math contests?

Writing Olympiad Geometry

A Sampler of Harvard Math

PDF Compression

Constructing Parallelograms

Email, JetPack, and Wintermelon