Signal boost for Carina Initiatives full-time position

The Carina Initiatives ( is a friend of the math education community which has supported organizations like Art of Problem Solving, BEAM, Athemath, and others. They're starting a math talent search organization in the United States and are looking to hire a full-time leader (salary $200K-$250K). Passing this along in case anyone in this space… Continue reading Signal boost for Carina Initiatives full-time position

But look at me now

Last weekend in StarCraft, the world championship at IEM Katowice 2023 saw a so-good-it-must-be-scripted Cinderella story, where Oliveira won the world championship in a totally unexpected way. It was a whole roller-coaster of upset after upset from Oliveira, and up until the grand finals we were all still asking, "this can't be, is this really… Continue reading But look at me now

Japanese EGMO is published!

I'm happy to thank 日本評論社 and their team (Fuma Hirayama, Yuki Kumagae, Taiyo Kodama, Ayato Shukuta, among others) for making the Japanese translation a reality. As well as tripling the length of the errata PDF :) This marks the second translation of the EGMO textbook (a Chinese translation was published a while ago as well… Continue reading Japanese EGMO is published!

Two updates on the EGMO textbook

Couple Thanksgiving presents for y'all: Errata List now on GitHub The list of errata is now version controlled on GitHub: now you can actually see a changelog of the ocean of typos as they come in.Shout-out to the crew working on the Japanese translation of the book for finding way more errors than I… Continue reading Two updates on the EGMO textbook

USA Special Team Selection Test Series for IMO 2021

A lot of people have been asking me how team selection is going to work for the USA this year. This information was sent out to the contestants a while ago, but I understand that there's a lot of people outside of MOP 2020 who are interested in seeing the TST problems :) so this… Continue reading USA Special Team Selection Test Series for IMO 2021

USEMO sign-ups are open

I'm happy to announce that sign-ups for my new olympiad style contest, the United States Ersatz Math Olympiad (USEMO), are open now! The webpage for the USEMO is (where sign-ups are posted). The US Ersatz Math Olympiad is a proof-based competition open to all US middle and high school students. Like many competitions, its… Continue reading USEMO sign-ups are open