Ending Season 1 of Twitch Solves ISL

To all my loyal viewers —

After two years, 480 hours, and 102 episodes of Twitch Solves ISL, I’ve finally decided that it’s time for me to take a hiatus from my weekly Friday night streams. So, episode 102 will be the end of Season 1.

To answer the obvious question: I’m definitely open to having a Season 2, although it will probably have to wait until after the summer (as I will be away from my stream setup then), and it probably won’t last 100 episodes. Between now and then, I might also sporadically stream video game sessions if I’m in the mood for it, so if you come by Friday night, you might get to watch me play through something from my Steam library.

I’d like to thank all my viewers and 1800 followers on Twitch, for being such a great audience all this time. Having you all come by to support my stream means the world to me.

Until next time!

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