I reserved a Steam Deck!

I might be going too far with this Arch Linux brand loyalty, but I am so psyched I don’t care.

There’s three pieces of hardware that I’ve always kind of wanted but never been willing to spend money on in isolation:

  • A handheld gaming console
  • A laptop with a touch screen
  • A laptop with enough power to play games on a Steam library (my laptop is a bit too old for this)

So when I heard the Steam Deck existed and it would be running an Arch Linux system beneath it, I totally caved.

I’m just sad I didn’t hear about in time to be early enough in the queue to get it by Christmas. Ah well.

In unrelated news, careful readers might notice that the blog has been moved to blog.evanchen.cc. I think the old URL usamo.wordpress.com will continue to redirect for the foreseeable future, though. But I picked that wordpress username when I was like 12, so I’m glad to not be as tied to it anymore now. (The name “vEnhance” isn’t going anywhere, though.)

2 thoughts on “I reserved a Steam Deck!”

  1. you are 100% going too far with this, also i am somewhat expecting steam deck to flop but maybe that’s just me being pessimistic

    also if your laptop is too old to not play steam games it is probably too old :shrug: ?


    1. Well, I stand by my reasons :P I won’t be too upset if the deck flops as long as it continues to work for me, though of course any progress in favor for Linux gaming is still fighting the good fight in my books — Valve has been real supportive of Proton in a way that I really appreciate.

      As for my working laptop, the most intensive application I regularly use is Vim (and maybe Firefox), which runs on a potato. Consequently I never really replace my hardware until it’s really dead.

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