A Sampler of Harvard Math

I was in Boston over this weekend for the 2014 Harvard-MIT Math Tournament. Before the contest on Friday, I sat in a few of the undergraduate math classes. They were pretty nice; I was actually able to learn some higher math that just by sitting in, despite the fact that I didn’t have the necessary background. I also got the feeling that the lectures moved somewhat slowly, which is probably how I managed to follow what was happening.

Anyways, I promised a sampler, so attached (at the end) are the notes I took during the classes. As I mentioned, I figured out what was happening in the first two lectures but not the third (so the notes for that one might be total gibberish). Hopefully they’re somewhat interesting though :D

HMMT 2014 Sampler

3 thoughts on “A Sampler of Harvard Math”

  1. Hi evan, I have been looking at your websites and blogs for some time, and thanks for the sharing. I admire your opportunity of studying in Harvard, MIT and the chance of participating in IMO. I will perhaps never have such great chances. Nevertheless, for the sake of pure mathematical passion, could I ask for some scheduals for maths courses in Harvard, because I’m planning to self-study these courses.
    Warm regards,


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