Japanese EGMO is published!

I’m happy to thank 日本評論社 and their team (Fuma Hirayama, Yuki Kumagae, Taiyo Kodama, Ayato Shukuta, among others) for making the Japanese translation a reality. As well as tripling the length of the errata PDF :)

This marks the second translation of the EGMO textbook (a Chinese translation was published a while ago as well by Harbin Institute of Technology). Both linked below:

  • Japanese translation at nippyo.co.jp and amazon.co.jp.
    ISBN-10: 4535789789 / ISBN-13: 978-4535789784.
  • Chinese translation at abebooks and amazon.
    ISBN-10: 7560395880 / ISBN-13: 978-7560395883.

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