Combinatorial Nullstellensatz and List Coloring

More than six months late, but here are notes from the combinatorial nullsetllensatz talk I gave at the student colloquium at MIT. This was also my term paper for 18.434, ``Seminar in Theoretical Computer Science''. 1. Introducing the choice number One of the most fundamental problems in graph theory is that of a graph coloring,… Continue reading Combinatorial Nullstellensatz and List Coloring

Why do roots come in conjugate pairs?

This is an expanded version of an answer I gave to a question that came up while I was assisting the 2014-2015 WOOT class. It struck me as an unusually good way to motivate higher math using stuff that people notice in high school but for some reason decide to not think about. In high… Continue reading Why do roots come in conjugate pairs?