USEMO sign-ups are open

I’m happy to announce that sign-ups for my new olympiad style contest, the United States Ersatz Math Olympiad (USEMO), are open now! The webpage for the USEMO is (where sign-ups are posted).

The US Ersatz Math Olympiad is a proof-based competition open to all US middle and high school students. Like many competitions, its goals are to develop interest and ability in mathematics (rather than measure it). However, it is one of few proof-based contests open to all US middle and high school students. You can see more about the goals of this contest in the mission statement.

The contest will run over Memorial day weekend:

  • Day 1 is Saturday May 23 2020, from 12:30pm ET — 5:00pm ET.
  • Day 2 is Sunday May 24 2020, from 12:30pm ET — 5:00pm ET.

In the future, assuming continued interest, I hope to make the USEMO into an annual tradition run in the fall.

Some things Evan is working on for 2019

With Christmas Day, here are some announcements about my work that will possibly interest readers of this blog.

OTIS V Applications

Applications for OTIS V are open now, so if you are an olympiad contestant interested in working with me during the 2019-2020 school year, here is your chance. I’m hoping to find 20-40 students for the next school year. Note that the application has math problems in it, unlike previous years, so you have to start early.

OTIS Lecture Series

At the same time, I realize that I will never be able to take everyone for OTIS. So I am planning to post a substantial fraction of OTIS materials for public consumption, hopefully by late January, but no promises.

Napkin 2nd edition

The Napkin is getting a second edition which, if all goes well, should come out by the end of February (but that is a big “if”). Most chapters will be mostly unchanged modulo typos, but a few big changes:

  • I am hoping to add a new part on measure theory with an eye towards probability applications (e.g. law of large numbers, central limit theorem, stopped martingales).
  • There will be a bit of real analysis / calculus now. (Not much.)
  • Maybe two-ish bonus chapters on other topics being added.
  • The earliest chapters (on algebra and topology) are being re-organized significantly, though most of the content should remain the same.
  • The algebraic geometry chapters on schemes are getting a major facelift, because the old ones were terrible. They will still cover roughly the same content, but in a way that makes more sense, has more examples, and has more pictures.

This means that for the first time the numbering of the chapters is going to break with the new update. This also means there will be plenty of new typos and mistakes for readers to find. I’m looking forward to it!

SPARC 2019 applications

For high school students, SPARC applications will open soon. The deadline will probably be the end of February. This year SPARC will be held in the Bay Area from July 24 to August 2.