Why Evan does not like JavaScript as a first language

Some people have asked me why I anti-recommend JavaScript for beginners on my website FAQ. This post will try to give a few reasons why. Some notes: I’m referring to base JS. I like TypeScript a lot for example (it’s high on my tier list of programming languages for beginners). And I know about eslint,… Continue reading Why Evan does not like JavaScript as a first language

SysRq on Arch Linux Mac Mini

This post documents my adventures of getting the SysRQ key working on my Mac Mini and Macbook (both running Arch Linux). The suggestions of loadkeys and keyfuzz that are the first search entries don't work for me, so some more sophisticated black magic was necessary. Remapping the Fn keys This step is technically optional, but… Continue reading SysRq on Arch Linux Mac Mini

DNSCrypt Setup with PDNSD

Here are notes for setting up DNSCrypt on Arch Linux, using pdnsd as a DNS cache, assuming the use of NetworkManager. I needed it one day since the network I was using blocked traffic to external DNS servers (parental controls), and the DNS server provided had an outdated entry for hmmt.co. (My dad then pointed… Continue reading DNSCrypt Setup with PDNSD

Email, JetPack, and Wintermelon

So I guess I can resume blogging now, seeing that I'm done with college applications (at last!). I'm not sure what I plan to blog about in general, but I figured I might as well put this domain name to good use :) I also realized that writing things out helped me clarify my thinking… Continue reading Email, JetPack, and Wintermelon