Approximating E3-LIN is NP-Hard

This lecture, which I gave for my 18.434 seminar, focuses on the MAX-E3LIN problem. We prove that approximating it is NP-hard by a reduction from LABEL-COVER. 1. Introducing MAX-E3LIN In the MAX-E3LIN problem, our input is a series of linear equations $latex {\pmod 2}&fg=000000$ in $latex {n}&fg=000000$ binary variables, each with three terms. Equivalently, one… Continue reading Approximating E3-LIN is NP-Hard

Miller-Rabin (for MIT 18.434)

This is a transcript of a talk I gave as part of MIT's 18.434 class, the ``Seminar in Theoretical Computer Science'' as part of MIT's communication requirement. (Insert snarky comment about MIT's CI-* requirements here.) It probably would have made a nice math circle talk for high schoolers but I felt somewhat awkward having to… Continue reading Miller-Rabin (for MIT 18.434)