This is the personal blog of Evan Chen. You can learn about me from my website web.evanchen.cc, which includes my contact information, and lots of other things written by me. I generally post about math I’m learning (or trying to learn), thoughts on teaching math, bits on code and Linux, and my personal life. These are pretty visibly delineated by the categories. I also have a Facebook page which serves as a mirror for this blog and my YouTube channel.

If you like my writing, then you might also find materials on my personal website of interest to you. Highlights:

If you really like my work, you can buy me a coffee using the following button (but there is absolutely no obligation or expectation to do so).

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3 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hello; I’m not sure if this is an appropriate comment, but may I ask you how to send you an email?

    On your website, it says “Email: evan [at] evanchen.cc.” Does this imply that “\text{evan}@\text{evanchen.cc} is your email address?

    Sorry if this is a stupid or inappropriate question.

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