MOP 2021 puzzle hunt

I worked with a few friends on writing a mini one-round puzzle hunt for this year’s MOP students. If you want to play, you can do so now at the following URL:

I’m not sure whether or not this is going to become a recurring tradition. On the one hand, it was loads of fun to make (including figuring out how to draw art on my iPad); on the other hand, I definitely didn’t blow a couple hundred hours of my life putting this together. ;)

Unrelated advertisement: the Carina Initiatives is currently looking to hire a junior data scientist. They’re a young philanthropic fund that’s interested in supporting initiatives that build actual math problem solving (like, the problem-solving you’d see on this blog, not the mainstream buzzword stuff). I’ve had a lot of fun talking with them over the last few months about problem-solving in general.

My impression is they’re looking for people who have finished a bachelor’s degree in some quantitative field and ideally have experience with any subset of {math/CS/etc competition/circle/camp, education, gaming, entrepreneurship, non-profit operations}. They’re based in SoCal but open to remote + quarterly travel.

If you’re interested in this and I know who you are, send me an email and I’ll connect you.

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